Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What is this picture? Spirit of love....YI NAN WANGs' characters... i went to their concert at Arena of Star, Genting on 25 May 2006. Some amazing and meaningful incidents occured. So, i am dropping a blog here. This time we went to Genting Highlands was because of Spirit of Love concert. My dad bought 14 tickets for that show. Unfortunately, my uncle cound not attend to the show on time, so we have 4 tickets extra. I had succeeded to sell all the remaining tickets outside the entrance. The tickets were on the row of YOPS3, the price was RM85. i just sold RM50. It was quite a tough job for me to sell the tickets. the show started at 8pm. Now, let me tell u how i successful sold out my extra tickets. My family and i set off from Highlands Hotel to Arena of Star around 7.45pm. We went there by boarding 2 Mercedes. FOC one.... When i reached Arena of Star, the entrance was a back door (VIP entrance). i grabbed the time and left Arena of Star to the main entrance outside to promote my remaining tickets. At the beginning 15 minutes, i could not sell out any of my tickets. My bro was accompanying me that moments. Majority have the tickets already. I communicated with strangers with Hokkien , Mandarin, English (with indian). Spirit of Love is a hokkien drama. So, many north Malaysia ppl come to see the show. i sold out 1 ticket for a children (rm30), 2 tickets for couple(RM50 each), 1 tickets for a man(RM50). Luckily can sell out all the tickets. although the original price was rm85 and i sell rm 50, it is better than suffer more losses. After that, i went back to Arena of Star to watch the show..it was approx. 8.30pm.

Here got some pictures that i taken...got ah zui, ting ting, sheng tian...

nice right? haha...

AFter the end of the show....i came down to find my parents... i saw someone looked familiar as my batch friend in National Service. but when i wanted to greet with her* , she was away. Then i sms my fren asking her phone num... i got it and i sms asked her. really was she just now. then i continue sms with her even i was taking supper with my parents in Coffee Terrace. When the time we wanted to leave Coffee Terrace, my dad met his fren and greet with him. I was shocked! the girl that i sms-ing was sitting there too. She saw me too. She also supprised. It was too accurate. Genting is too small...haha... She is my fren, and also my dad's fren daughter.

Write later..

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