Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cell Phone at EBAY 70GBP and 50GBP, worth to buy?

This one RM430 (70GBP)

This one RM310 (50GBP)

worth to buy?


engseng said...

walao A!!!
sibek cheap leh

EngHwa said...

cheap? i am planning to pay the bill...
hope can receive it in malaysia.

Anonymous said...;_ylt=AgSRK_40wzmQTB26cVEfukysAOJ3?cq=1 .. My name is Tan Eng Hwa also. ^^

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you....I live in Vietnam...I really want to buy it..It's very chep leh..

EngHwa said...

ya! it is cheap!
but i am still considering whether want to buy it or not.
Because it is too dangerous if ship from China.

EngHwa said...

i have viewed your profile..
Nice to meet you TAN ENG HWA!!