Sunday, November 16, 2008

Casino Struggle

A guy, who is still not eligible to vote in election, has entered to several casinoes, included The World Largest Casino - The Venetian, Wynn, Sands, Grand Lisbao, The Landmark, Grand Waldo, The Star Cruise, and also Genting Highlands.

Could you believe it? Yet, Casino can make you earn fast money and dont forget your capital might be gone at that way without getting anything! As a student, your prior obligation is to study and yet still study. Money, you have to earn it based on your hardwork and your deligency, not for speculative activities. I know, at my age, I have no ability to earn huge money, what I have is from where i belong to. And, I should make myself to the track which is where I should behave and restrict to.

Let me abridge my experience in Casino..

I always feel that i am a mature guy who can stand as level as a big businessman when I was sitting at the casino table. The speculative games make me feel exited and keyed-up. Gambling can make me forget about what I bother about. It makes me focus on the casino table and not thinking about other stressful matters. Starting from RM25 as my minimum bet has been increased to RM250 in a single bet. Could you imagine that? Further, The people surrounding me have the same target and objective, that is winning!! Everyone in the casino is your friend, the difference is their status. Some are businessmen, some employees, some hard labours, some retire pensioners, rarely have students like me. However, not every one has that kind of luck. Winning is come from some sort of fate aka luck, brave, rasional thinking and decisive action. In Genting Highlands, majority are Malaysian then Singaporean then some from China. In Macau, I can see Korean, Japanese, Hongkie and many from Malaysia too.

Some friends of mine desperately say that they wanna go to Genting Casino when they reach 21 years old. For me, there is no more temptation to me. I have make up my mind, say no to casino. As an accounting student, i should know what is so called PRUDENCE! The profit that you earn in Casino is not belong to you as it may subject to some sort of fluatuation and it might be lost one day. To be frank, I like to own businesses instead of doing work for other as employee. I would prefer to work and put efforts for myself. A risk taker... an entrepreneur!

Start from now, I would rather to spend my money on my favourite goods instead of going to expect something free from casino. The money I bet is all my savings. Though my parents not scolding me when they know I lost money, I can feel that they were very hurt in their heart. Casino is not a place for me, the place for me to focus on is College. Although both the initial also from the capital C, please dont mix it up. Do get back to the train that follow the trackway.


engseng said...


Anonymous said...

Well, employment and business income will be subject to income tax, but windfall from gambling wont. Are you gonna to change your mind then? HAHA

EngHwa said...

Casino opens 24hours without break. As I said, we must be prudent!
As you know I love taxation, though gains from speculative activities are capital gains, however, i believe my strategic tax planning would help me minimise my tax liabilities. I know is you WEI CHIH.. Welcome my anonymous deloitte tax champion!!

EngHwa said...

Engseng, dont be so proud of the said experience. You have entered, but have you win? No! So, do not expect much on it! You should concentrate on your studies. PMR is near..