Saturday, November 8, 2008

Penang 2nd Bridge is now being constructed

It has been delaying for quite a long time about this project.
Now, it has been approved and will start the construction project right away.
Some people might feel that our government is spending extravagantly by building second penang bridge. They argue that the government should not construct a second bridge. It is too costly!! Instead, the government should use the billion riggit by expending the Jetty!! RM13Billion.. what a huge amount.. the government should not waste it extravagantly..

However, in my thoughts, i insist that Fiscal Policy is correct!! The only way to boost up our economy is by adopting Fiscal Policy. Increase in Government Spending and thereof increase our GDP GNP as well.

RM13B is being investing in Penang Bridge Project... It is somehow derived much benefits from spending money as to boarding a "Russia's Cab" to the Moon.

Hopefully Penang Monorail Project will also be approved soon..
As a Malaysian Citizen who pays tax to the government, we hope the government will think twice before spending any of OUR money.

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