Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pit stop and update!

It has been amost 1 and half month i did not update my blog.
This is because I am BUSY!!
Working life is totally different with study life!
Through out my internship life in big firm, i realised that my 50% of time has been contributed to my work. Usually, i wake up at 7am and prepare to go for work, and reach home almost at 7-8pm after taking my dinner. Can you imagine that?

No choice, when going to work and back from work, the most terrible thing to be sufferred is -

I've get used to my life. Although in weekend, i will wake up before 9am as well. My lifestyle has been changed. Totally changed! In college life, some class or tutorial is on afternoon. I still could recall that i always wake up at 12-1pm.

Recently, I am damn busy because of Form E submission which the deadlline is at 31 March.
Further, individual tax computation is to be filed soon and to be submitted before 30 April.

Time is wait for no man, I has been working for almost two months already since the date i updated my blog here.


JuiLin ^o^ said...

happy working!! haha~
u nw prctical onli or ody start wrking??

EngHwa said...

practical training lo...
haiz... tired!!!!!