Thursday, October 9, 2008


难得今天那么一点点地有空,因为practical training applications全都settle和呈交了。


Question: What is your name? (Please give one answer)
1. My name is Tan Eng Hwa 陈永桦

Question: What is your nickname? (Please give two answers)
1. coolkid23
2. ck23

Question: Three books which you often read? (Please give three answers)
1. Tuesday with Morrie
2. Malaysian Taxation
3. ACCA BPP / Kaplan Text books

Question: The things gained from Blogging? (Please give four answers)
1. get to know some new friends
2. a place where can express what I want to say and what i feel
3. Find a place to type something or express my thoughts
4. A place I can give comments to my friends in their web log.

Question: Your favorite food? (Please give five answers)
1. Penang Road laksa / Gurney Drive Laksa (No.11)
2. Super Tangker Loh Mee
3. Wangsamaju黄店Sambal Chicken
4. Claypot黑胡椒干捞板面
5. Sushi

Question: Favorite songs? (Please give six answers)
1. 背叛
2. 你是我的眼
3. Unchained Melody
4. Bleeding Love
5. First Love
6. Aku bukan untukmu

Question: Places that you wish to go? (Please give seven answers)
1. Korea
2. Japan
3. U.S
4. New Zealand
5. U.K
6. Canada
7. Australia