Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Carol @ KLPac


More than a century later, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol remains one of the most popular and best-loved tales. Performed on stage all around the world during Christmastime, it has become an all-time holiday favourite!

KLPac is delighted to carry on this tradition by presenting its very own production of A Christmas Carol based on John Mortimer's adaptation which premiered to critical acclaim at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Darius Taraporvala will be taking on the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old and bitter (but extremely wealthy) man who absolutely hated the humbug of Christmas. It follows the miserly Scrooge as he is taken on a journey through the past, present and future by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

As Scrooge enters the lives of Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and the Fezziwigs, he comes to know the meaning of kindness, charity and goodwill, and remembers the true spirit of Christmas.

Besides the traditional Christmas carols, there will also be original music by Nick Choo.

KLPac invites everyone to experience the magic, warmth and spirit of the festive season with this classic - the perfect holiday treat for families & loved ones.

(The Google Book pertaining to A Christmas Carol is at HERE)


Next Monday, I will be having two interviews which near my sisters' place, Sunway Damansara. The first interview is at KPMG and the second one at Deloitte KasshimChan. So, I decided to go back to there by car on this weekend. Yesterday, I arrived at Sunway Damansara at 6pm. And, I was told by my sister that we will be going to a Christmas Drama. Yet, when I arrived, I realised that the Christmas Opera was presented in KL Performing Art Centre, which is located in Jln Ipoh, KL. I have gotta travel back to KL again for that show. My place to Jln Ipoh is nearer than from PJ to there.

We started off from Sunway Damansara at 7.15pm. First, we drove thru at Mc Donalds, Central Point to take away our dinner. That was my first time been to KLPac and I successfully reached there with 1st attempt. It was a great journey. 

Actually, before we reached there, I really have no idea regarding to the drama. The tickets were actually FOC from Lite FM, where was given by my sister's boss. When we arrived at KLPac, the surrounding park there was amazing. We passed by numbers of beautiful garden and finally reach KLPac. What a great building there. See: 

After redeeming the tickets, my sister be my camerataker. I took quite a few photos there. Here, the tickets:

When entering into KLPac front door, you can see this.... A Christmas Carol big poster: 

(Merry Christmas!~ )

A Christmas Carol, the opera will be showing at Pentas 1, which is located at the upstair of KLPac. Here is the photo, I was standing at the staircase.

My new hairstyle for christmas~

Behind me is the Resource Centre in KLPac.
A place where you can find all the operas, shows and drama that presented in here.  


Wow!~ The seats inside the treatre are so colourful! Very nice!~
Show time.. No recording nor photo capturing is allowed.
To know more regarding the opera? 
Photos are actually cannot convey much of live feelings and exposures.
So, if you guys are interested, kindly book the tickets and go for it!~
That's it!~
Merry Christmas to all the reader who reads my blog. 
Have a nice christmas!


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