Monday, December 15, 2008

KLCC PC Fair 12-14 December

Yea.. PC fair @ KLCC was over yesterday.
At first, my housemates invited me to join them working together in PC Fair.
Unfortunately, I have tutorial class on Friday and Saturday.
So, it is very hard for me to skip again because last week i was absent as well (I went back to Hometown.)

On Friday night, where the 1st day of PC fair was over, my housemates came back with a sight of exhaustion. Keep complaining that they have stood whole day.. oh my..
And, they said the boss asks them to find another worker for his booth, selling accessories. My housemates asked me to go and join with them together. That will make much more fun. But, I have class at 8-10am on Saturday! Yet, this should not be a problem. After got the permission from the boss that i would be late and would be arrived at 1130am, everything is fine.

When i reached there.. all the products are so familiar..
They are all from Kao Yek, i know Kao Yek's boss in Penang.
He was my business game big supplier.. and I know the products and dealer price as well. Furthermore, i worked in PISA, Penang PC Fair for Kao Yek after my ACCA Youth Apprentice-BUSINESS GAME.

The problems are, standing whole day was too suffering!~
But, I like to deal with customers. For every price negotiation. I have my own minimum price. It is hard to get unless you are a good bargainer.

I like to deal with foreigners. Speak English...
In PC Fair.. i communicated with customers with all the 5 languages that i know.
Some foreigners are very good in bargaining. Some are very generous with no counter offer.

Working at the last 2 days was too suffering. People were packed like sardin. Too crowded. Really not even have time to take a deep breath. And also, no time to get know the girls opposite my booth. What a big opportunity forgone!! Haha..

It was a very good experience for me. PC Fair, is actually a place where some company spends more that its earned. Some companies go there and giving away free gifts and all of that are deductible expenditures, they can reduce their taxes payable and also spend extravagantly on the underreported earnings, undeniably. But for some companies, they really make a lot of sales and also profits.


Mr.Crazy said...

really pity that u can't know that girls opposite ur booth.... haha....

pc fair rdeally many lenglui leh.....

damn nice....

i oso bought a pendrive for myself and the mp3 modulator that u saw on my car just now.....

EngHwa said...

no need to pity la..
so many girls..
how much u bought the mp3 modulator?
my booth selling RM25.00