Sunday, March 30, 2008



1. Both are also Platinum Tuition Provider

2. Final achievement is ACCA


Why Sunway is better off:

  1. 1st Platinum Tuition Provider in Malaysia/well reputation
  2. A real ACCA college, tougher, more quality education.
  3. Majority ACCA students are good in studies (大部分都是真的要读书之人)
  4. Well known and high reputation lecturers.
  5. Good Facilities and environment.
  6. Many Big4 send their employee here and do ACCA in part time basis.
  7. Sunway has good relationship with Big4 Firm. Better Alumni. You may be offered to work in BIG4 firm.
  8. Shorter Period or as a shortcut route.
  9. Can get Oxford Brookes Bachelor in Science (Honour) Degree in Applied Accounting.
  10. Oxford Brookes Degree is well known and worldwide recognised as it is in collobration with ACCA.
  11. May get World Top Recognition Award if scored 100% in examination.
  12. English Speaking Environment.

Why TARC is better off:

  1. Cheaper and affordable tuition fees in TARC
  2. A secured tuition provider. (You can get Advance Diploma or Degree if cannot pass ACCA)
  3. Merit Scholarship provided.
  4. College Leadership Camp, ACCA Conference, or other equivalent activities are held.
  5. Better Alumni.
  6. Can go UK to get Sheffiled Hallem Degree in Accounting and Finance.
  7. Have chance to go UK to explore new living environment.
  8. Easier as it is internally assessed for Fundamentals Papers.
  9. Can apply PTPTN as it is 50% subsidised by the Government.
  10. Diploma covers more business's knowledges: Economics, Organisational & Human Resources, Business Statistics, Quantitative Studies.

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