Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ACCA Conference in Port Dickson

I didnt join ACCA COnference last year.
AFA Course Rep, Kok Loong invited me to participate in this year ACCA Conference.
And he assured me that he will be going as well.
But at the end, he broke his promise.

The day before ACCA conference was my birthday. I went to Damansara at 9.30pm to celebrate with my sisters. And i slept there a night. Early at 6.30 my sisters fetch me to Tmn Bahagia Station to board LRT to Wangsamaju. I reached Metroview at 7.45pm and quickly packed my bag and go to college with my friend, Shiau Thung and ah Mong.

There are only 5-6 AFA1 students.
GinSeng, KimLoon, Joshua, ShiauThung, Elizabeth and me.
Kok Loong told me AFA1 will become facilitator and lead the group..
After registered, I thought i was facilitator, but in fact i was not.
My group was G20, last group.
What a shame i did to my group members, i told them i am their facilitator when initial introduction. After i knew that the actual facilitator is the one highlighted name in the name list. HAHA.. what a mistake! Kok Loong... you fooling me again!

well, my facilitator was absent. And Elizabeth from G14 AFA1 be my facilitator..
I saw AngWenHow... and he knew me... he called me blogging guy.. and DOTA.
Brother Ang very pro in dota..
i was in the same bus with brother ANG...
and we chat along the journey together with Andy, Chris, Sean, Tommy... they are DAC2...

The talk carried out by Brother Ang was a repetition. I heard before.
(HAHA!! Brother ANG, next time change some new topic la..)
I was the group leader for G20.
Our teamcheer was so creative...
Twenty the almighty,
Twenty the almighty,
Twenty the almighty among the best,
Twenty the almighty,
Who are we? Group 20
Who's rock? Group 20.

We got the 4th prize..
and thanks so much to brother ANG.
Andy is the blue eye boy of Brother Ang..
that's why our team always protected by Brother Ang..

Here are some photos...

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