Friday, July 4, 2008

Penang Island, I MISS YOU!!

I miss Penang....
Penang is so wonderful...
A Small Island..
If you have a car, then you can travel around whole Penang Island to wherever you like.
Last week, i was in Penang for my Convocation. I stay in Penang for 4days 4 nights.
I drove to Bayan Lepas through another alternative way, there is from LONG BUI (Paya Terubong). Balik Pulau is near to there. I just realised that. And i found INTI Penang. From there to Sg Dua is just over a mountain.

I miss the college life there.
I like the way the lecturers taught as compared to KL.
In Penang, lecturers were spoon feeding us.
All the notes are well prepared by lecturers and well explaination given.
In KL, notes are not complete. We have to do our own notes through reference book.
Tougher studies life. Tougher...

Hey... You have to be more diligent and more hardworking.
You should improve your english language... Future Accountant... Future Businessman...
I really have to put more efforts on studies..
someone please motivate me..
I am very lazy...
I did not do tutorial..
KL lecturers are not spoon feeding us anymore.
We have to be independent. Cannot depend on lecturers.

Today, In lecture hall...
Course Rep, TKL... He said he will motivate me always..
He has started to study and catch on in every lecture as well as tutorial.
He is good in Management Accounting and economics. (and whatever field)
He told me he want to take economics degree or master after he get ACCA.
Wow... what a future economist + Accountant.

After 1 month staying in Setapak Ria,
I have made up my mind to move to Wangsamaju, Metroview.
The reason why i will be moving to there is... The environment is better, near to LRT, good security service, more friends.
I can go back to Sunway Damansara every weekend by LRT.

As a economics and accounting student, i would like to say again...
my opportunity cost forgone is....
i will be losing some delicious home-cook meal from Hui Mei, Carine and Peisung..
We cannot go to college together anymore, cannot board the same bus...

I will be moving to Metroview most probably tonight.
I received a surprised news from my dad yesterday.
He allowed me to take my WKU 360 to KL.
Since there is a SPARE CAPACITY in my house and not FULLY UTILISED, therefore, my daddy allows me to take my car over here.
I have rejected my daddy offer at first. If i have a car, my living expense will then be increasing immediately and i did not have car sticker to enter to college, then i have to park outside at my own risk. I dont want!
I thought it was no hope for me to get a car sticker. Luckily, my friend who was demoted to AAC and did not want to pursue her studies in TARC, she gave consent to me to take over her car sticker.
Hopefully I can get the car sticker next week.
I still haven't buy a study table for my room yet..
I hope everything go smoothly so that i can put more concentration on studies.

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