Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4 injections today!! Just like drug addict..

Studying abroad? It is not easy as I thought.
Not you say you wanna go, then the next day can go ady..
there is no such thing!!

First, You need to take TOEFL exam (US), IELTS (UK).

When you got your university.. it still a lot of procedures that you need to go through...

Today, I went to Kelana Jaya Medical Centre with my GPS.

Private hospital is faster and I almost get everything done in 3hours.

Luckily I have had my blood test in Pathlab last month, the blood test is quite a comprehensive one. So, some other records can be referred to my blood test report.

I have just realised that I never had tetanus booster vaccine when I was small.
SEE MY BIRTH CERT BELOW: (Tetanus Booster is Blank)

And I forgot whether I have had the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccines. So, I decided to take it one more time.

As to the requirement of my University, I need to take Meningococcal vaccine. It is the most expensive one among all. It costs me RM108 for that injection.

What I have done in KJMC today are as below:
1. Chest X-ray
2. ECG
3. Vision examination
4. Meningococcal Vaccine (Menomune)
5. MMR Vaccine
6. Tetanus Vaccine (ATT)
7. Tuberculin Skin Test
8. Physical Examinations

Doctor said I am just like a drug addict when I've completed all the 4 injections.

For Tuberculin Skin Test, the vaccine dosage has a total of 15ml, but I need only 1ml. So, it can be used for 15 ppl. However, it will only last for 24hours once the seal is opened. I need to pay for the whole vaccine dosage. It costs me RM90 for that. If divided by 15, only RM6.

Doctor asks me to call my other friends who wanna do Tuberculin Test, it is Free of Charge since I have paid the fee. Otherwise it will be wasted and throw away.
24 Hours from 17 June 2009, 1.30pm. Who wanna do the test, go KJMC tomorrow before afternoon!!

I have called up my Kelvin, Gin Seng, Anna, they are busy and cannot go there tomorrow. So, i think it is gonna be wasted!!

After the Tuberculin Vaccine, the report is gonna come out 48-72hours after the injection. Doctor is gonna check my injection area, that's why he marked it with permanent marker pen. So, I need to go back KJMC to get my Tuberculin Skin Test result on Friday.

After that, I will be going back to my Hometown, Jitra and come back to KL on 22nd June.

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