Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cathay Cineleisure's Negligence

"Sir, are you sitting at the right place?" I asked.


"Are you sure your ticket is L15, can you show it to me?" I asked again.

After comparing the tickets with the aid of cell phone screen light...
Wahh.. Seat Number, Hall Number, Movie Title , Price , Time ... Exactly the same!! Unbelievable...

"Sir, I found out your ticket is exactly same as mine, can you borrow me for a while, i gonna ask the personnel outside" I said.

Right after came out from cinema, I saw one crew was passing by, I approached him and ask about what's happened to my tickets. I met with some other cinemagoers who were having such a problem too. The crew asked us to follow them and they are gonna check the tickets at their database.


... ... ... 10 minutes gone, the show has been started... ... ...

After that we followed the crew to go upstair again. We went into the cinema again!! Stand a while to watch the show. wow.. i saw there was a fierce fight between transformers at the beginning of the show.

The crew called us out, they have checked and they informed us that our tickets are invalid because it is 11:45AM, not 11:45PM. Gosh!!

They brought us to the ticket counter, then asked us to deal with the personnel.
It sounds like they always have this kind of technical problems.

My sister was there, she spoke to the crew and sought for the manager on duty.

We explained the problem to the manager.

Actually we bought the ticket in the morning around 10AM, we wanted to watch it at night which is 11:45PM, but they gave us 11:45AM instead of 11:45PM.

My sister asked for compensation. She requested for REFUND plus FREE 3 TICKETS for tomorrow Transformer.

The request has been rejected and we are only able to claim refund. It spoiled our mood!! We went back home with full of disappointment and freaking bad mood.


I talked to my sister, I'm gonna sue them!!!

The lawyer (my sister) has spoken to me, the printed ticket mistake is a contributory negligence, which both parties need to be responsible.

As a cinemagoer, we need to check the time and title of our movie before leaving the counter.

As a cinema crew, they need to make sure their customers preference on time selection.

The part that we pinpointed and able to sue for negligence of Cineleisure is:
We were allowed to enter to the cinema hall after the ticket checking by their crew.
This was their fault.

If this is a VIP Platinum Movie showroom, and such a technical problem occurred, the chance of winning is higher.

What we can do is write a letter of complain to them as a feedback for them to improve their service to eliminate such a problem.

End up, we go back home with bad mood. I am here to express my dissatisfaction on Cineleisure service. This is the first time i faced such a problem. I will definitely will check the tickets before leaving the counter!!


Picture taken at 12.07AM, 25 June 2009


JuiLin ^o^ said...

y so careless din check ur ticket....

Eng Hwa said...

it was not my faulth!!