Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Say Bye to TARC!

I have submitted my deferment form and told my tutors that I am gonna defer my studies for 1 year and go to US for the next 6months.

1 year deferment is my opportunity cost...
I would say nothing is perfect in the world.
You've gotta know how to give and take.

I will definitely miss the ACCA December 2009 exam sitting. And, only be able to take my core papers on June sittings.

What I am planning to do is:
1.Not to bother so much and go enjoy my life in US for the rest of year 2009.
2.Back from US, go KSA, Orange for ACCA tuition.
3.Take up ACCA core papers in June 2010 sitting.
4.Enroll in TARC AFA2 on June.
5.Get my ACCA result on August. (crunch time!! hope to pass all papers)
6.Sit for optional papers in ACCA December 2010 Exam.
7.February 2011, ACCA result released.
8.Become ACCA affiliate!!
9.Complete AFA2.
10.July 2011 - Dec 2011 Go BCU for Master in Accounting and Finance.


QW said...

You're going to US? How come?

-Kay Jin-

EngHwa said...

Hi KJ, yes.. i will be going there for a semester program. Will arrive at there on 4th July.