Friday, December 14, 2007

I like.. Satisfaction+Need for speed!

Today is Friday 14dec07
My Financial Accounting Practice Test
The test quite tough for me...
I was unable to perform well due to the lack of time.
Perhaps I was poor in allocating time to answer those question.
Anyhow, Test was over.

I am so happy
My leave letter has been approved by college administration.
I went to lecturer room and shown them my leave letter.
My holiday started...

After my test,
i went to my friend house
set up their wireless modem+router
I managed to set up the modem.
All their house members appreciated and Thanked me..

They treated me the famous western food at fattes road.
Gorden Blue
Nice.. but today the cheese too much already..
There is nothing less than deliciousy.

Little rain
Still dropping from the sky
i was wonder...
Will the Xmas Present will fall down just like the rain dropping from sky?

When reached hostel,
without further delay,
I packed my neccessary items.
Say Good Bye to my housemate
See You All After Christmas.
Merry Xmas!!

I like..
The night view and night environment of Penang Island
Especially Driving at Night.
I deliberately drove around Gurney
Then only went to Penang Bridge.
I like..
Need for Speed.
Penang Bridge.
The light spotted the road on the bridge.
The moon is hanging at the sky...unachievable.
my speed is trying to approach the moon.
Although it's hard to achieve.
I enjoy the process.
My speed along the highway..

Suddenly turn to cats and dogs along my journey.
My speed still maintains.
I like the adventured speed.
I like.

Tired and exhaustion
Turned to sleepy driver
The speed still maintains.
So dangerous.
I break all the rules.
I like to break the rules.

When reaching,
Red light,
but not stationary.
It's awesome.

i reached my destination.
Mum, sisters, brothers
not at home.
So quiet..
I go into my lovely room.
Writing this blog..
Sweet Dream
Good Night!

14 Dec 07

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Jess said...

Thanks for ur help o..
if not now i also cant online...
hope u enjoy ur trip...