Tuesday, December 11, 2007

--Taipei and HongKong Family Trip--

Come on...
A question for u all.
If you have chance for going to Taiwan and HK, will you skip your class?
18-26 Dec
What a great news...
September ago, i went to Macau and HK with Parents and Brother.
This time, my daddy intended to bring my two sisters to oversea since they havent go oversea with my parents before.
My eldest sister did go to Taiwan before, whereas my 2nd sister havent step her footstep to another other country yet.
My daddy asked me last month, do you want to go Taiwan, HK or Macau with sisters?
Sure, i want!
I prefer to skip my class as my opportunity cost rather than to miss this golden chance to Taiwan.
This time, it is pure family trip. All my family members will be going. My daddy, mummy and siblings.
I probably will skip my class on 17dec till 26 Dec.
16 Dec i will go to KL.
Wish me Have a great journey! Hehe...

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