Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Advance Diploma vs ACCA

Actually I am full scholarship holder for Diploma & advanced Diploma (CGPA >3.85 entitled 100%)
But, I quit TARC after attend for 2 weeks of its Advanced Diploma. The lecturers there, I really felt NOT GOOD la..

I join INTI for their accountancy degree !! (My father wan me to get a degree smile.gif , UTAR is so NEW that time)

I m taking ACCA part time !! Got join Sunway for ACCA (last sitting), very nice !!

That time, not yet even print out the student bill yet !! tongue.gif
Terrible management !!
(nyway, I still got the Advanced Diploma Scholarship Certificate even I m not their student, my friend help me to take one !!
Most students from Sunway is damn hardworking, u will adapt their "hardworking" culture.

however, if u prefer gud competitive study environment, den sunway is undeniably d best among all colleges...
coz u can know lotsa frens in d college, n this creates an invisible/ transparent comparison of standards between students....weaker students wud work even harder to catch up wf gud students...n gud students wil work even harder to score HADIAH....haha...

Study ACCA don't just thinking Sunway. Other college like Kasturi, Mc Orange, Kolej Bandar, FTMS and SEGi offer cheaper tuition fees with better quality lecturer.

And don't just look at the prize winner. I can tell you that " For those ACCA prize winner in Sunway, do you know their name possible also appear in Kasturi or Mc Orange name list?" Means that a lot of Sunway student also go to Kasturi or Mc Orange for addtional tuition. That is a reason why Sunway student can get special discount if go to Kasturi attend Revision class.

Study ACCA always follow lecturer, but not follow college.

Sunway student, they have a very good college life but due to some lecturer inexperince in teaching ACCA, so a lot of the Sunway student go to KL college for additional tuition or attend revision class. Do you like if you study like that? Some more you already paid more than thousand per subject in Sunway and go to KL paid few hundred for additional tuition or revision class, do you like it?

as i mentioned before, you are left with 9 ACCA papers upon completing TARC Diploma in Accounting. if you decided to follow the advanced diploma path, you will be sitting for 4 internally assessed ACCA papers in the first year and in the second year, you will be doing both external and internal ACCA papers simultaneously. ideally you will be getting your advanced diploma + ACCA within 4 years time (and a degree from SHU if you choose to top-up in UK for 3 months upon completion of advanced diploma. But take my words, majority of the students will be hanging in advanced diploma suffering from different progress in external and internal papers.

if you really ask my opinion, i would say one thing good of taking diploma is you will be having campus life. and once you've experienced that life for 2 years in diploma, better ciao and come out to study.


frankly in tarc i think it is too relax and low standard, the customs here are : study at the eleventh hours, do assignment at the last minute, seldom do tutorial question (wait tutor give), tutors speak mandarin and hokkien in class (Pg campus), students all speak mandarin and hokkien (Pg campus), admin office ppl mostly speak hokkien and mandarin, too many certificate students.
KL main campus should be better, i think.
* i am just telling the truth, hope there is no offense towards any parties..

Indeed, campus life is great in TARC.
I joined Community Sociology, Business Games held by TARC and ACCA.
And also participated many events, many briefing and talks organised by Student Welfare commity, Chinese language Society, Christian Fellowship, Music Society, Sport recreation club....
Those activities and events are Prom Nite, FantaSing/ Project Star, Christmas Celebration, Chinese charity sales, basketball intercollege and inter country matches (with Singapore polytechnic) , english camp and so on.... a lot campus life....

I know there are lots of college which the lecturers are better than sunway.
and if u are a diligent student who can self discipline up yourselves, continue tarc, or other college (FTMS, McOrange, Kasturi, SEGi..) , u also can get ur acca as well.
Is there a lot of Sunway go for tuition outside?
I do believe that Sunway Lecturers are better than T*RC.
T*RC sent a program supervisor to pg campus, 10 reason why choose TARC advance diploma:
---they are platinum tuition provider
---has merit scholarship
---can get ptptn or loan
---has more friends come along with u, no one can live without friend ( good marketing strategy)
---better alumni
---Campus life ; leadership camp, acca conference..
---can get 3 in 1 ; degree, acca, advance diploma
--- can go UK with only 30k ( plus air fare, living cost for 3months, consider cheap)
--- Acca award, 3 ppl.... 2 acca, 1 cima year 2007
--- cheaper and affordable fees with only 7k 2 years

But, they personnel did not talk about how quality the lecturers are.

In sunway, the admin ppl can tell me :
"As for why you should be choosing Sunway University College, our group of lecturers lead by Mr Teo Ee Sing already have the reputation and experience teaching ACCA courses. Even the top 4 accounting firms in KL send their employees to study our ACCA on a part time basis. "

What can we see is a big discrepancy there.
TARC is cheaper, lecturers less experiences.
however, internal assessed is a good thing because can rely on lecturer for tips.
TARC be awarded Platinum is because of AFA (advance diplom in financial acc cum acca)
what i can see is if this course be terminated, there is no longer platinum.
in the talk, there was a student asking why has such AFA and AAC. why dont put in 1 course so that students will not in dilemma in choosing course, as both also accountancy.
The fellow answered with proud, saying that AFA is the shortcut path to ACCA. 2 years u can get adv dip and acca.

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EngHwa said...

Finally, i choose TARC as my next institution of ACCA. College life will definitely better than others. Sunway is also external exposure. No coursework.. no CGPA.
Anyway, i am enjoying study my ACCA now..