Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comment on 2003 Proton Waja 1.8x

I have a second hand Waja 1.8X which purchased at December 2005.

It's a lousy car and it made me feel like I paid to buy continuous problems.

I have experienced many problems, like the exhaust system problem, gear jerk, engine die off while slowing down or stopping the car, gear box problem, power window failure, engine mounting failure, door handle broke, sterling cycle control and also change of alternator for twice and many more.

Each failure can easily cost you few thousand ringgit. My car is second hand, so there is no more warranty. It is waste of time and also money to repair my car. Used this car for 2yrs, i spent RM100 for door handle, RM900 for first alternator, RM400 for sterling cycle control box, and today another RM800 for a recon Alternator and so on. These are not inclusive maintainance fees like Tyre Balancing, Alignment, Engine oil exchange and so on. Further 1.8x waja required 2bottle of engine oil and also more costly in respect of road tax.

It's not worth to use, told by everyone, everywhere when service the car even at EON service centre. Don't waste money anymore friend, Proton's car is cheap, but full of problem.

Don't know why still lot of people book the new saga and persona, it must be another lousy car from Proton. Savvy owner, another big problem for you also, it's Renault engine same as Waja 1.8...

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