Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Company Law

This paper is not that difficult.
But, i did a stupid mistake.
For essay questions, choose 3 out of 5.
All questions i know to answer.
After my analysis, i did the first 3 questions, despite of question 4 and 5 which is deemed as easy and can score full mark.
In question 1-3.. it is deemed as easy question prima facie.
But, it is not as easy as u thought.
Compared between Private and Public Co. 10 marks.
I only give S15 and S4.. without any addition point.
I should write S129, S124, S132C(1B), and other which related form differences as to Private and Public as stated in Chan n Koh text book.

Next question, 10 marks on Duties of Promoter.
I only give Fiduciary Duties, Disclosure of interest and not make secret profit and so on so forth.
OMG.. it is 10 marks.. My point only 5-6. Cannot score full mark d...

Next question.
Describe Circumstances that disqualified Company Auditor. 10 Marks.
Hey dude.. it is circumstances...
i hentam all 8(1), 8(2) and Accountant Act. Also, S9(1)
I think the question only required S9(1).
and further explain on it.

My opportunities forgone were Question4 which is crystallisation.
I have memorised and i know how to do. I read Chan and Koh and also Waterwoon Text books.... I can score well.
But i didnt do it.
Still rmb the case:
1 and 2) where the company is going to liquidation and receivership - Re Panoma, New Zealand, Australian Royal Mail Co.
3) creditor can take or enforce possession as to security - Drasdner Bank AG v Ho Mun Tuke Don
4) Cessation of business by company itself - Re Lin Securities
5 n 6) at the options of creditor and happening or a specific event - Re Brightlife Ltd.

Next part ask for S122A(1) and (2). Easy la...
Also, 133(1).... another 10Marks.

Question5 is easy like a piece of cake...
Differentiate Share and Debenture. 10 Marks.
Differentiate Ordinary Share and Preference Share (S66). 10Marks.

Hope the answers that i have written in Q1-3 of essay question are of adequate and fit as to the marking scheme as i thought.

Frankly, this time question is not so difficult and no problematic question. (What i memorised till so hard all wasted) But i choose the wrong question. Haha.. Haiz...


Hou said...

hahaha...your action reminded me of a poem...the road not taken...hahaha...it s great to challenge yourself by attempting the hard one...有骨气!!!!

EngHwa said...

haha... but think can score la.. 80% A already mah...

Anonymous said...

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