Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Message from Kasturi

Hi Eng Hwa,
Thank you for your enquiry at Kasturi School of Accountancy (KSA).
Our next intake for ACCA will commence in July (starting on 30 June - Monday)
Our fee is going to remain similar to current sitting, and you can find the information at www.ksacitycampus.com
The level 2 subject F6 to F9 will have full fees of RM710 per subject including Normal course, Kaplan textbooks and intensive revision class as well. The level 3 fee will be RM780 per subject including normal class, Kaplan textooks and intensive revision class.
You can do OBU with us, but you must register as ACCA student and 'opt in' to do OBU at the time of registration before your first attempt of F7, F8 and F9. Other OBU will not allow you to do the project. Our fees for OBU is RM1088 (RM200 rebate if you submit the research report before closing date at KSA, which is usually 1 March or 1 Sept), this will bring net fee to RM888.
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Andrew Pang


Kasturi is definitely cheaper as compared to SUNWAY.
F6-F9 only RM710 inclusive intensive class.
Furthermore the lecturers are well-known.
In SUNWAY, RM1100 for F6,F8,F9...
F7 is RM1300 because is Ms Menon (High reputation lecturer)

For Professional Papers, Only RM 780 is Kasturi.
Whereas SUNWAY RM1300.

Overall, F6 till the end of ACCA, there is RM6740 tuition fees in Kasturi.
Whereas it is RM11,100 in SUNWAY.

In Sunway, it needs Student Resource Fee of RM 285 per semester. Overall for 3 semester, RM2500 required.(inclusive application and registration fee, refundable deposit)

For OBU degree, there is only RM1088 in Kasturi.
But, it is approximately RM4500 in SUNWAY. (not sure)

Does it worth to spend more RM10k to get a college life?
Anyone from SUNWAY can tell me why?
Why you choose SUNWAY?
I fervently hope that i can get a better answer.

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