Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TARC Advanced Diploma no Value ?, Your opinion please ...

I was TARC Advanced Diploma graduate,I found that most employer view that Advanced Diploma are much lower standard than any Degree. The pay is lower !!


well, advanced diploma IS lower than degree. the difference between an advanced diploma from a degree is the thesis/graduating project. at the end of a degree there's usually a research component that requires u to use everything that u've acquired throughout ur studies in a single project. the thesis could take from 2 months to 1 year, depending on ur course.
although lacking only thesis, advanced diploma is still viewed as a diploma, and not to be confused with post-graduate diploma. so it's not a matter of TARC's adv dip has no value, it's actually the perception of all adv dip in general that is low.

basically, for the TARC AD, i personally feel that it's just a way of getting you to study in UTAR's degree program. it can lead you directly to UTAR, or get you a Bachelor's degree within 3 months with Campbell.
however i think it's plain bullshit. i don't believe a degree can be obtained just with 3 months of study in UK. it'll be more like a holiday to me.

But, don't forget u need to spend RM 30K in order to get a Degree ? U need to use the Degree to do post graduate programme.
U can't use Advanced Diploma to do a master programme...
How is Advanced Diploma equivalent to Degree ?
In JPA system, Advanced Diploma is totally not recognised !!

It's the same. Advanced Diploma, Diploma ... if you don't have the 30k to go to liverpool or shefeld helem to study. They pay you get will only be limited to Diploma pays.
Yeah like some of the guys already said earlier. If you go UK to complete your degree program, you're actually studying in the summer. Meaning everybody else in UK is partying like MAD while you're the dude there studying.
The decision is still yours. I wouldn't recommend anybody to take on TARC's advanced diploma though.


I have came across the posts in this thread.
Majorities are criticizing TARC.
In the prospectus or in every program supervisor's mouths, Advance Diploma is equivalent to DEGREE. There is all bullshit.
Indeed, It becomes a degree by reason only that you topped up in SHU, UK.

I am also TARC diploma in accounting student too.(shhh...)
TARC offers me scholarship for advance diploma... but i intend to forgo it and go for acca externally.

Does AFA better off?
Are TARC lecturers better off?
Is TARC environment better off?
Is TARC public security in a promising level?
Is TARC has the environment of study?
Is there everyone good, polite, self discipline student?

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