Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rebutment : Sunway VS Kasturi

There is a lot of people anti-sunway in the forum.
Come on..face the facts, if you freaking sucks at studying, no matter what lecturer you get, you'll still bloody fail.

hahaha, yeah, RM10k not worth if for college life for some of you, yeah yeah, I know, why the f*** pay that kind of money for college life eh? Sadly, not everyone is as money minded as you people, and frankly, if you're life is all about attending lecturers, then go back home, I'm not surprised if you don't find it worth it at all.

College life is having a place to study, with people, to have club activities, and mug for exams with friends. If you study at KSA or McO and whatever, and you have that, good for you, but the environment is better, more club activities, more rounded generally at Sunway.

If you people, choose the submit to the limitation of all financial management methods, which is ignoring the issues of motivation, peer support, and all the other intangible things that a proper college environment provides, go ahead.

It's not a matter of cost. For SPM leavers, and those not anxious to work, it's a feeling that we've been in college before and enjoyed it. I'm of the opinion if you wanna bash sunway, for fuxx sake, fuxxing bash your own place first, especially carlosandy.

KSA or McO is a row of shops. It provides ACCA, and does it quite well, I admit. So tell me, why majority of the prizewinners, aren't from there? Good lecturers motivates you pass, very true, but a good environment gives you the push and drive to excel.

Yeah, I guess to some of you, your priorities is to pass, yeah. Go ahead, be content with mediocrity, and I'm sure it'll reflect throughout your future. And your money minded approach will just reflect on your attitude to non-financial performance indicators.

To me, I don't intend to be that money-minded.

(Extracted from ThanatosSwiftfire - World Price Winner - Student of SUNWAY)

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