Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exam is coming...

What the hell i am doing?
Why you still can watch movie until 4am yesterday?
Just to relax?
What a lousy excuse.

Come on... still a lot for you to study..
Dont be so lazy!!
ACCA F5 Internally Assessed Paper is not that easy ok?
Exam answer will be passing through 7 times auditing process.
There is no laughing matter.

Today, 28 August.
Exam date: 5 September and 9 September
You only have 8days dude...
What have you cover?
I am so proudly to say i have studied Scope of charge..Residence status..

Proudly? Stop talking tired jokes.
You still have a lot to study..
Public rulings.. Employment Income, personal relief, Business Income, Business Expense, Other Income, Dividend, Withholding Tax, Single tier and tax imputation, tax planning, chargeable income, basis period, sales tax, services tax, interest income, partnership, company taxation...

What are you doing now?
Stuck and stare at laptop screen in my blog?
what? Come on..
Self motivation!!

No one is the best one;
But you are the only one.

Grab the time..
come on..


nice9 said...

+ U
All the best to u!

FujiwaraAmane said...

i dun 1 open a blog la, no time 2 write so much...u gambateh lo....wish u all d best n gud luck!!!

EngHwa said...


fujiwara, thanks..