Thursday, August 14, 2008

Retirement of TARC Principal, Ms Yoong Lai Thye 14 August 2008

Today, TARC Principal, Ms Yoong Lai Thye, ACCA member, who had worked for TARC for 35 years out of 39 years, has retired. Scholarship Certificate Presentation was held in line with Ms Yoong Lai Thye retirement farewell. As one of the recipient of scholarship, i attended the farewell + certificate presenting in the college hall this morning.

Some of you might not know who is Ms Yoong Lai Thye..
Well, i will show you her photo and all her historical background here.

Check it out!

This is Ms Yoong Lai Thye recent photo taken in JMU, UK 2008.

Yoong Lai Thye was born in 1952 in Johor Bahru, a city just north of Singapore, the second of seven children. Her parents instilled in her a strong sense of responsibility, perseverance and hard work and her siblings taught her the importance of caring and sharing.

Yoong attended school in Johor Bahru where she did very well academically. In 1973 she left for Kuala Lumpur to study accountancy at the Tunku Abdul Rahman College, a prestigious institution named after the first Prime Minister of Malaysia. At TAR, Yoong worked diligently, not wishing to disappoint her parents who had made sacrifices for her.

In 1976, she gained a Distinction in the Diploma in Commerce, simultaneously completing the Professional examinations of the UK-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and studying for the finals of the UK’s Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators.

After graduation, she became Accounts & Administration Officer in a local manufacturing company before accepting an offer to join TAR College as a Lecturer in Business Studies. Soon afterwards, she was successful in achieving a prestigious British Council Colombo Plan Scholarship to study for a Masters in (Accounting) at the University of Birmingham. Her fiancée, Chan Chee Seng joined her in the UK and they were married in Birmingham in 1978. They have two daughters, Jennifer a doctor and Samantha who has just graduated in Canada.

After obtaining her Masters degree, Yoong was granted 6 months leave by TAR College to undertake training at Price Waterhouse in Birmingham to broaden her experience.

Now, lets talk back to certificates presenting ceremony. I had been fooled by my friends that morning. Before i reached college hall, my friend told me in phone that i have to register beside the college hall, there is a counter at the right hand side of college hall, typically is marking attendance. When i reached college hall.. i went to counter, and told them i want to register. They asked me what course am i? After i told them everything, my name was not in the list. Only 1 course representative will go to stage and take the certificates.

After i entered the hall, and sat along with my friends. I asked them where did they register? They still cheating me... They said "You quickly go to see Mr UNG(the director of student affairs) who was just walking down from the stage. Just now Mr UNG was at the counter and marking attendance for us. " My friend accompany me to see Mr UNG, but he kept silent and after i approached Mr UNG, he left. The same question i asked Mr UNG, he also didnt know. He brought me to counter again. Same answer i got from the personnel at the counter. They were fooling me!!!!

I believe it because everything was came so logically and there was no doubt for me to disbelieve. I asked them, why fooling me? They answered, because you are wearing tie today... so smart... like the representative. SOB!! sweat dude..


Forget about it...
let me show you some photo that i took with Ms yoong.
She is so friendly... after she knew we are ACCA students, she talked a lot to us...

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