Monday, August 25, 2008

Eye On Malaysia

和几位好朋友去了电话饭店吃buffet steamboat..


nice9 said...


EngHwa said...

下次有机会一起去吧!private gondola可以容纳8人,RM100。 可是october就搬去melacca了。。

Anonymous said...

haiyoyo... so nice n so enjoy there lo.. long time didnt see so nice place liao lo.. always stick at the kampar "mountain" really very bored lo.. really hope at here de three years can pass through faster lo.. if not really bored until hang myself up lo.. haha..

EngHwa said...

i know is you shin yee...
anyway, thanks for dropping the comment.. Bored? boring? Can go to Ipoh or another town just for fun..
You still have 3 years to find the interesting place out..
All the best in ur future apprenticeship!!

nice9 said...

Really ar...why want to move to melacca ler?????
lol...lets plan to go at september..Hoho..
Day or Night will be more beautiful ler??

jessie said...

Eye on msia!! Haha^^
I can see it almost everyday~~~
But it is going to move to malacca...
Nevermind, also still can go der to take photo with it again^^
So beautiful~~~

EngHwa said...

Dear nice9, definitely night is better.. night view is paranomic and it is romantic.

Jeesie, wow.. actually i also can see it from my condominium. but quite small.. haha... nice to meet u jessie.. thanks for dropping me the comments.. welcome!!

EngHwa said...
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