Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tomorrow will be my busy day!!

Tomorrow, 6 August 2008, will be my busy day.
I am now at Sunway Damansara.
Tomorrow will be my sisters' convocation in UM.
What a big day for them.
But why i said it will be my busy day?
At first, i've planned to attend my sisters' convocation.
Sisters' Convo.. My 2 sisters will be graduating together tomorrow.
A big day right? because not only 1 sister graduate.
They've completed their 4 years studies in UM, Law degree.
I am proud of them. My parents also...
They came to KL this morning. My grandma also come over here to attend her granddaughter graduation.
It is quite unfair..
my diploma convo... grandma didnt attend..
haha.. diploma... so low class...
I think my next graduation will be in UK, and also ACCA graduate in Malaysia. Hope i can complete my ACCA smoothly.

Last 2 weeks, i attended Financial Accounting Society interview...
And i have been selected as 1 of the 14 candidates.
Only 10 committee will be chosen.
And the election is fall on tomorrow 2-3pm during TAX lecture.

Tomorrow will be my busy day because i have to travel back to Wangsamaju by LRT.
I think to drive back but i dont know the road.
Hope tomorrow everything goes smoothly.
Hope i will be part of the committees.

Tomorrow my family and i will go to Victoria Wedding Collection Photo Studio in SS2 PJ to take my sisters graduation photo, family photo, and personal focus photo.
So, i must reach SS2 around 4pm.
Hope tomorrow the election will end on time at 3pm.
ANd i hope i can go back to SS2 on time also.

What should i say in promoting myself during the election?
12.20am already..
tomorrow i hope everything will run on time and follow my schedule.

Good Luck to me ya...


Rachel_xiaN said...

congratulatz to both of ur sis n good luck for u too :P

nice9 said...

Thanks for your attendance to my convo..
well, really hv a sweet time with you and all the family members!
Find us when u free la...

EngHwa said...

rachel, thanks! i will send ur regards to them..
All the best to you too..