Monday, August 18, 2008

What a great play by Lin Dan!!!

Lee Chong Wei, Malaysian first seed men single in Badminton lost to World No. 1 LinDan yesterday!!

21-12,21-8... After the match ended.. everyone is questioning..What did Chong Wei do?
What a great disappointment!

First, Lee Chong Wei had won Sonic in quarter final and won LeeHyunil in Semi-final..
These victorious matches try to convey us a message that nothing is impossible. Lee won Sonic, the last Athens Olympic Champion. Further, Lee won Korea 1st seed player LeeHyunil, Top Black Horse in Olympic, after scrambled for 3matches. What did these victory try to tell us? For people who not concern about Sport, not care about own country Olympic would also trying to believe on ChongWei. He could get into the FINAL on Men's Single is now become reality. He was surely for a Silver, and we were expecting for a maiden Gold Medal.

Even not a badminton fan would also care about this game. A big game between China and Malaysia. A historious match which was vital for Malaysia. I still remember, around 6pm, many friends who were not concern about sport, working 24/7, keep calling me..msn nudging me and asking me when will the match start. Normally around 6pm right? They were started to worry.

I am sure all Malaysian watched yesterday match. In Wangsamaju famous MAMAK stall, BRJ... was crowding with people started at 8pm. No place to sit. If you order their famous nasi lemak ayam, also have to wait for an hour. My friend told me, when Lee lost to LinDan, their Nasi Lemak Ayam just delivered.

Frankly, can get into Final was already a good history for Malaysia. THis was the first time Men's single can get into final stage. At the final, i'm sure the both players are good enough. They are not competing their skills. WHat they are fighting is psychology skill.

The first advantages to Lindan was the Home advantages by china.
The cheers from China Supporters was loud indeed. If you were at the spot, i think you will be shocked after hearing the country cheers.
Lin Dan JIA YOU!! Was loud indeed. The cheers might break down an Ice Mountain.. might be a powerful weapon for China.

The second, Lee is poor in control his psychology and mental emotion.
When he was losing marks or being dragged behind.. He did not have confident at all. His face shown much of tiring, exhausting and no have spirit at all. When you are leading, no matter how tired you are.. you will still playing well with high spirit. This spirit couldn't be found in Lee at the final yesterday.

This was the worst games ever that he played with Lindan. Unbelievable.. only 39minutes... he had being defeated by Lindan. Lindan played very well and he was invulnerable, unbeatable... WORLD's No1...

As compared to his failure to Lee in recent Thomas Cup in Indonesia, Lindan playing skills was totally different. He improved a lot. Do you still remember in 2005, LinDan lost to Taufik at the final... Lindan almost not scoring in the final. Taufik had tricked him. Lindan was at the down form that time. He lost with much shame.

And now, after 3 years.. he is become stronger.. and the strongest in Badminton field.. World No1 and unbeatable.. what a juggernaut.. what an insane..
And today, Lee CHong Wei lost to him... lost with shame.. how could World No2 performance like shit!! All the way mistakes...

However, Get a silver.. No bad also la!! but please rmb this lesson.. Try harder..
Next Olympic 2012 in London, you will 30years old... Nothing is impossible..

See whether you can learn from the frustration and become World's Top Player or not.
Olympic 2012 London.. Put your best efforts!!


nice9 said...

I heard from radio Lee Chong Wei alr back from Bei Jing, he will get RM 30, 000 as award!!! Very good also lar~~~

EngHwa said...

yes.. not 30k.. is 300k...

BeverLy's Secret said...

Chong Wei already tried his best... He was exhausted in the game...

I love Chong Wei, no matter how...

nice9 said...

pai sey pai sey...wrong info~

Anonymous said...

he is one of the TOP player already!! No 2 in the world..what more to ask..

jessie said...






EngHwa said...

Jessie calm down first...
i am also supporting LCW..
He is indeed a good player...
Just a little bit unlucky..

jessie said...

U know who am i bo??
i tot u will surprise if u know me.. Haha..
Dun think too much,i jz 1 of ur secondary school fren..
I feel funny with ur respond.. hehe~~
I write in very calm mood actually..
jz got many question cum out in mind~~
D event had past..
Now should add oil de is ourself^^
Jia you!!

EngHwa said...

jessie, indeed you are right!
We have to treat LCW incident as a lesson for us too.
He inspired us a lot.
We have to add oil to ourselves.
Can i know who are you?
Secondary school... i didnt have a friend named jessie..