Monday, August 18, 2008

An Unexpected Failure of China’s most popular athlete - Liu Xiang

The most anticipated event of the Beijing Games ended stunningly and prematurely Monday morning when China’s most popular athlete, Liu Xiang, limped off the track with an Achilles’ tendon injury and withdrew from the 110-meter hurdles, depriving the host country’s fans of what they had hoped would be the signature triumph of the Olympics.

As what we know...
Liu had become the first Chinese man to win a track and field gold medal by taking the 110 hurdles at the 2004 Athens Games. He became a celebrated symbol that China could compete with North Americans and others in events that required speed and sophisticated technique.

He was also considered China’s lone certainty for a gold medal in track and field at the Beijing Games. Liu’s picture was everywhere on billboards, endorsement with Nike.. Perhaps this might causes pressure on him to repeat as champion in his home country had mounted, even as news began to surface that his injuries may be more serious than previously thought.

So, Liu Xiang had disqualified to enter into Olympic 2nd round...
What an unexpected incident!!
Liu Xiang.. hope your injury will recover soon..
And hope your Olympic Record will be still on the board.

From this incident, we can conclude that our life is so uncertain. Not everyday is lucky day. Even you work hard, sometime have to depend on luck.
But, remember this.. if you didnt work hard, you will never be susceeded in life!!
Liu Xiang.. Don't be frustrated! Keep it up!! And so do i.. Study hard for coming EXAM!!

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